In Production

And so it begins – fat boi’s ride bikes

Fat Boi’s Ride Bikes:
A film by Senaida Garcia

In the year 2015, I am producing a feature length narrative film, Fat Boi’s Ride Bikes. Fat Boi’s Ride Bikes is a story about a Chicano trans-masculine identified person whose journey to love himself comes from realizing his intense platonic love for a recently deceased friend. In discovering that bicycles are a way to his healing, he develops a newfound ability to travel through time and space on a bicycle, his journey starts to become more surreal, learning about his past, his family, and his fluid sexuality.

With this film, I will reach out to the more underrepresented trans community; including, trans people of color, the homeless, and HIV positive, showing that there is not only one road to travel, and anything is possible. During production, there will be continuous communication reaching out to the vast community with all access behind the scenes availability through all social networks the film is subscribed to.

Fat Boi’s Ride Bikes will give me the opportunity to share with the wider community, as well, the challenges trans masculine identified people face in the world. So often do we see trans women or trans people with many available resources represented in the media. I want to share what it is like for trans people who live on the other side of the spectrum.

Furthermore, I will also employ predominantly queer community of color to give those the opportunity be involved in telling a story closely related to their community in hope that it will inspire them to tell their own stories. Following the production of Fat Boi’s Ride Bikes, I will enter the film into several queer and experimental film festivals, including Albuquerque’s local South West Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

Fat Boi’s Ride Bikes is representative of the diverse Chicano community and will bring new audiences to discover media with national relevance. It is a non-normative topic of discussion that will allow for a range of issues and viewpoints that complement and challenge existing media offerings. The film reflects on an experience, told in a creative way, which will have universal appeal and provide a lens to Chicano history, culture, and issues.

Please stay tuned for more production information on FBRB. T-shirts, stickers, and other promotional materials will be available soon so our fans can show their support!


My goal for 2014 is to make 6 short films based on 6 words that my friends and family have given me.
The Six words are:
Paint Brush

In reality, I have about 2 months to finish one film; however, since I have school, family, work, and other things going on in life, production may not happen in that specific planned time.

Here are some things so far:

The beginning of the second short, “Paperclip,”


A preview of the script for “CAR”



Conceptual design of “Paperclip” has begun.
Design by: Grace Roff

These are the very beginning stages constructed through our first conversation of the character.


Film 3 of 6: Moonsand
Writing has begun. June is coming to a close, though. Better hustle.



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